I Can’t Believe It. Video Shows Man Just Kicking Dog Out Of Car And Driving Off

In early August, a family found Claira-Belle wandering around the side of a busy street near downtown Dallas.

They were convinced she was a stray because of the condition she was in, but hidden cameras revealed an ugly truth about where she came from.

The cameras had been installed by the Dallas Marshal’s office just months before Claira-Belle was spotted. Animal advocacy groups believed the area was being used for illegal animal dumping.

They were right. Claira-Belle was proof of that.

If it wasn’t for her rescuers, we would’ve never known the truth behind her story.

When this pup’s rescuers called about her, they learned there was an actual video of her being kicked to the curb, which can watch below.

The license plate of the vehicle that dumped her was recorded and traced back to 52-year-old George Spears. When Spears was interviewed by the authorities, he claimed he was only doing his sister a favor, saying that she wasn’t in a position to take care of Claira-Belle anymore.

So Claira-Belle was placed in a shelter, but her story changed for the better just weeks after arriving there. A lovely family–desperate for a family dog–adopted Claira-Belle into their home on September 9th.

According to them, there’s no sign of any kind of long-term trauma. Life is good for Claira-Belle now, thanks to the family who cared enough to stop to save her.

Quick Facts About Animal Homelessness

  1. Only one of 10 dogs will ever find a permanent home.
  2. Homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1.
  3. Each year, 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed because our shelters are too full.
  4. Most stray dogs are lost pets, only 20% are ever returned to their owners.

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