Can You Help Shelter Dog Waiting 1000 days Get A Home For Christmas?

No matter how many dogs we rescue individually there are always more, so its even more important than ever that we adopt don’t shop! Humane societies work non stop to save animals, but they still need loving homes to go to.

Geronimo has lived for over 1000 days at the Humane Society in Summit County, desperately waiting for a loving person to take him home forever.

He is 6-years-old and adorable, he really needs some love in his life, in fact, a home for Christmas is really what he needs!

Geronimo is an American Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier and Mastiff mix and already knows basic commands; see his video just below:

We hope that we can all work together to get this lovely doggie a home for Christmas, it really would be the very best present of all for him!

So if you think you can make it to Northeast Ohio and you could be the one for Geronimo then go for it, if not please tell everyone you know.

Maybe if you don’t know anyone at all you could share this article with all your friends and they might know someone who can also give him a home!

This wonderful doggie has the energy of a youngster and weighs in at 80 pounds, even though technically he is a senior.

He would really like a home without small children, and preferably to be the only dog in his new home, he could be an amazing companion to the right person!

See Geronimo in his full glory on the Facebook Live video below:

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