He Was Chained For 8 Years – He Is About To Feel His First Hug!

Seeing a dog chained up and neglected can break your heart. What have they done to deserve such unfair and uncaring treatment?

Why would someone who can openly show such a disregard for their dog be allowed to own one in the first place? Chains are necessary at times to keep dogs from wandering, but they should never be a permanent fixture around a dog’s neck.

What about giving the dog love and kindness, compassion and affection? Even guard dogs need love.

In Spain, a rescue group found Brom with a chain that had become embedded in his neck. Brom served his neglectful owners as a guard dog and the abuse showed on his body. He was worn out and had suffered immensely.

With his suffering so great, it was decided Brom would be euthanized. His rescuers, the kind folks at Animal Rescue España wouldn’t allow that to happen.

They wrote: “So we decided to save him and since then he’s in treatment for his fears.”

A precious dog like Brom who suffered abuse for eight years could recover physically. What about emotionally?


Can a dog that has never known love or a gentle touch learn to enjoy the softer, kinder gestures of life?

The rescue group acknowledged these emotional wounds by saying: “His heart has many hard scars to erase.” But they wouldn’t give up on him.

Brom experienced care, love, and patience at the hands of his rescuers. And just a month after he was rescued, Brom allowed someone to pet him for the very first time. Captured in this video, you can see the complete trust brom must show them to let them get so close.

The rescue group wrote later: “He’s getting better and already trust his caregivers at Animal Rescue España, he’s a very loving dog.”

Brom will always be on the mend. He has made tremendous progress according to his rescuers in the year since his break from captivity. They are currently searching for a family who will show him love, kindness, and understanding while he continues to heal.

Have you ever seen a dog you thought was too far gone from being emotionally healed? Did you find yourself responsible for an emotionally abused dog?

Did the dog let their guard down and trust you enough so you might pet it? How long did it take for you to establish this trust?

What do you think ?