Security Camera Captures A Scary Car Break-In. But This Robbery Saves A Dog’s Life

Thank heavens for these burglars! While that might sound a little wacky, a group of burglars ironically did a good deed during a robbery in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood.

While smashing a truck’s window to steal a laptop, the thieves helped save a dog’s life that was left in the vehicle in sweltering almost 90-degree heat!

It all started on Monday afternoon when these four men, who were up to no good, were walking on the 1300 block of W Erie Street. Security footage from the Irish Nobleman Pub caught the group casing out the truck parked on the street. At first they walk past the vehicle, then return and smash a window.

The windows are tinted, therefore, the robbers most likely didn’t realize that there was a dog in the car while they were robbing it.

“If the window wasn’t open, the dog would probably be dead,” said Declan Morgan, the owner of the Irish Nobleman Pub who was clearly upset about the entire incident.

According WGN, which compared the incident to “leaving a baby in the car,” the long-haired German shepherd suffered for more than an hour in the treacherous heat and humidity. The owner reportedly thought having had the air conditioning on before he left and shut off the car was enough, WGN adds.

We’ve witnessed crazy things happen during a robbery, like when a reporter saw a bank robber while he was live on air. Yet we’ve also seen people come together in the aftermath of a robbery, including a community’s beautiful response to an animal shelter robbery.

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