They Came Just Before It Was Too Late To Save Him From Certain Death

We love dogs, you love dogs, everyone should love dogs, and this dog, Max, really was loved and got his second chance when this lovely couple saved him from death row…

It all started when a drought-stricken farmer could not look after him any longer, it was really a very sad situation indeed!

This doggie is a Border collie crossed with a bull Arab and only a baby at 5-months-old, such a share he now faced this terrible fate.

It was the farmer’s plight that meant that he really could not keep him any longer, very sad, but what else could be done?

There is a photo of Max, looking at it strikes to the pit of our stomach, he is pressed up against a steel cage, it’s the very same photo that went viral!

Proud with his new family!

Djembe Jones, 20, and partner Jacob Connelly, 20 saw that picture and it was this that prompted them to take action and do something about it.

Ms. Jones said:

“It’s hard to go past these things and not do anything about it, so we just thought we would do what we can to help”

Poor Max really was just skin and bone, quite shy and wagging his tail like crazy when he saw the couple, they greeted him with hugs!

Ms. Jones said:

“It was really confronting at first, we couldn’t even recognize him because we saw photos but we didn’t get to see his body and see how skinny he was”

“It was quite confronting.”

This scared little pup that was so talked about because of his viral photo really has now come out of his shell completely, he eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Max gets so incredibly excited now that he does a little peepee sometimes in his excitement!

He is so happy and playful too though, living is the heavenly Buddina on the Sunshine Coast, he can play in the soft golden sands whenever he wants!

Ms. Jones said:

“Now that Max lives by the beach he gets to go there every day”

“I don’t think he had ever seen a beach before, he was quite scared of the water at first but I’m sure he will get used to it.”

Max really completed the lives of his new owners, so they didn’t just save him, he also made such a huge difference in their lives too.

She said:

“It just makes us feel really great that we are doing the right thing, we want to shed some light and let other people know they can do this as well”

“It’s probably the best decision we’ve ever made.”

We are so happy that Max landed on his feet and is growing to be the lovely cheeky doggie he deserves to be, we are so happy for the family!

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