Once Celebrated As Animal Lover – Turned Out To Be The Queen Of Animal Cruelty


This is the gory truth of a woman once celebrated as a great animal lover, who turned out to be the Queen of animal cruelty.

Yes you heard that right, this woman is SICK beyond words.

A few months ago, the internet went viral to support and compliment Kay Buell, a 53-year-old who had rescued a stray pup, named Angel out of love.

But, after a recent eye-opening raid, police seized a dozen dogs, all emaciated severely and half-dead at her own house and it does not end there. This is not the story of a stray dog that starved without help or care.

This is the story of a few dozen dogs that were made to starve to death in cold-blood by a criminal in disguise of a caring animal rescuer. Meet, Angel who made Kay the epitome of Animal Care through her viral rescue story.


A few months back, one of Kay’s shelters were raided by animal control, who found thirteen extremely malnourished dogs on the property.

Look at this dog’s bowl. Do you see anything in it?


You will not, because they don’t get anything other than plain water. Unfortunately, one dog died in transit, one dead in the trash can and two were euthanized because of horrific malnutrition.

Fortunately, for Angel, the time was perfect and she has recovered completely. But, according to the records, there are still many more dogs that went missing from Kay’s care.


Many of us adored Kay until we discovered her ugly face of truth. Soon to be formally charged, Kay currently has a bail of $650,000 on her name.

Oh my goodness. I feel really sad for all these poor dogs who thought they were being rescued. This woman deserves all that’s coming her way, for sure.

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