Call For Help, Two Dogs Stolen, Only One Returned In A Terrible State

These two Boxer siblings, called Onyx and Jasper were taken, stolen from their home in Sycamore Street in Kenova, jasper is the white boxer and Onyx is a black boxer.

The dogs owners called the police in Kenova to get their help, and then around 4 days after they were stolen, someone took them back and dropped Jasper at the family home around 11 PM.

Jasper had several injuries and the poor dog also had an amputated paw, a rear paw!

The poor dog, Jasper, was taken urgently to the Animal ER in Ceredo, West Virginia, there he was taken care of really well.

Sadly though Onyx has still not been found and the police have not made any statements as to the suspect or their vehicle.

The police department in Kenova are desperate for the public to give any help at to assist their queries.

We really hope that this poor doggie is safe and sound somewhere and he finds his way safely home to his family who miss him dearly.

Let’s all hope that the person who did this is finally caught up with and brought to justice, maybe someone will come forward to give some vital information!

Watch the full story below in the video, see the full picture of the situation:

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