Man Buried His Pit Bull Dog Alive Cause He Didn’t Want Her. He Thought No One Would Find Her.


Man buried his pit bull dog alive cause he didn’t want her. He thought no one would find her.

Pedro Dinis was just walking his dog when he saw it. An older dog, pit bull, barely hanging on to life, halfway buried in the dirt. Dinis quickly sprung into action.

The dog’s eyes were caked with dust, and it was badly dehydrated.

“Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see given the amount of earth covering her,” Dinis wrote later.


The dog had apparently been buried intentionally.

Fortunately, Dinis came along at the right time. He was able to slowly work the poor dog out of the ground.

The dog had been tied to a rope, apparently to prevent her from escaping.

But Dinis was able to use that same rope to free the dog.

His own dog helped with the rescue.
Dinis was able to free the animal, at which point he gave it water. Then, he turned to the police.

The dog was found near Paris, France, which has strict anti-abuse laws.

And the dog had a tattoo from its owner. Cops were able to track down the alleged abuser, who was charged with animal cruelty.

Now, the owner faces up to two years in prison.

Meanwhile, the dog is doing well and has fully recovered. She’s currently living a happy life with new owners.

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