Brutal Monster Drills & Clamps This Stray Dog’s Hind Leg To Stop Him From Escaping

A poor stray dog was successfully rescued last Monday when he was found on the streets of Chatsworth, South Africa.

The South Coast Sun reported that the poor innocent pup, a stray dog; had a clamp drilled through his hind leg.

The Amanzimtoti SPCA said this was an egregious case of animals cruelty. The entire rescue staff was shocked by what they saw.

Tracey Griling, the rescue organization manager, rushed the dog to an animal hospital. It was determined that it was 24-28 hours ago that the clamp had been drilled into the dogs hind leg.

The pup is actually being described as a good dog. Everyone is hoping the dog will find a home once he gets better.

Girling said that the dog was rescued from the streets and immediately brought to a vet who examined him, working to remove the clamp before infection set in.

Girling continues,

“I immediately rushed the dog to Dr Hoole as he was in pain and could barely put any weight on that leg. The doctor said it is a recent wound, as recent as 48-hours.

These acts of cruelty put so much financial burden on the SPCA, as we pay for all the medical bills without any way of recouping the cost.

This lovely dog will need lots of TLC and hopefully will be adopted by a loving family. Now we just pray for a speedy recovery for him.”

For those of you who don’t actually know, it is illegal to chain dogs in a yard in South Africa. Just take a closer look at this heart-breaking image!!

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stray dog chained

For our readers in South Africa, please…if you have any kind of information about the dog or his owner, just contact the SPCA at 031.904.2424/5.

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