A Brave Dog Saves His Owner As She Dives Into The Pool!

Dogs can pick up the most adorable habits, but not just that, they can really care about us deeply and show it in what they do for us. It’s because of her dog that Makenna Guidry will never feel nervous diving into her swimming pool…

Even though the family came to have the 18-year-old some six months ago, because they rescued her from a shelter, this doggie is super special.

He is called Moose and every single time that she takes a swim, he gets straight in to rescue her, bless him, his rescue missions are rarely that effective, but he really is wonderful!

Makenna said:“He doesn’t actually do anything other than swim over to me and wait for me to come up, then he gently bites my arm”

“But if I talk to him or tell him I’m okay he just puts his arms on my shoulders (like in the video) and makes me hold him.”

Makenna said:

“His need to save me makes me feel really good because I never have to doubt that he hates me because he always looks out for me …I love him! He is my best friend!”

“His personality is very, very energetic. He always has to have a toy around him and loves to run around and annoy the other dogs.”

“He is only calm at night when I’m laying down. Then he comes and snuggles up to me.”

What a wonderful doggie, just like all our dogs he is very precious to his owner, what would we do without our faithful and loving companions!

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