Boxer dog has no idea there’s a surprise party waiting for him when he walks through the door!


This man took it a step further, recording a time-lapse video of his boxer dog, starting from when he was a pup all the way to his first birthday. And there was a special surprise waiting for him at the end.

Who says surprises are just for humans? Dogs can appreciate them as well as we can!

Sure, they might not articulate their surprise the way we can, but they can still show how much they appreciate it. And because of that, we want to cherish the memories of these surprises.

The beautiful video below begins at their doorstep, showing little Bently the boxer dog when he was still just a pup back in November 2015. The video continues each month, with various shots of Bently and his owners at their doorstep.

With each month, Bently grows bigger and more enthusiastic. Finally, Bently, already nice and big, walks inside his home.

boxer dog

And there he finds a surprise birthday party in his honor!

He instantly launches himself at his birthday cake and enjoys it with his dog friends.

Of course, what’s a birthday without gifts? Bently, the boxer dog goes to town on all his toys, enjoying his day with friends and family.

Time-lapse videos are great because not only can you capture every moment of a specific memory, but no matter how many times you watch it, you always find something new.

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