Bought Online, Given As A Christmas Gift, First Dog Abandoned in ’18 In A Shelter!

As responsible animal owners and advocates of the same, we well know that dogs are a real and lifelong commitment… but each Christmas we are back to square one, like disposable wipes, use and throw away…

Every year people still buy puppies as gifts for people who really shouldn’t have animals in their care, at all, sometimes through no fault of their own, normally they might not even consider it!

Sometimes as well puppies are gifts to people who just don’t have the time or commitment to keep them, or don’t understand the amount of real work involved in being a dog owner.

This beautiful little pup you see below, called Ronnie, is the tender age of just eight weeks old, and he is just so sweet…

He was bought online can you believe it, if that whole thing isn’t crazy enough, there is more, he is given as a gift, yes you hear us right, he was given as a gift?!!


Just a very few short days later on, and quite unsurprisingly can you guess where this poor beautiful pup has ended up? Yes, you guessed right, in Battersea Dogs and Cats Rescue.

But not for the reason you might be thinking this time!

The new owner had become homeless and couldn’t afford to keep the pup any longer, she really was forced to relinquish him to the rescue center to find a new hole for him.

Currently, he is at the shelter and getting his vaccinations and exams and well as being chipped. He will soon be ready to look for a new home and we know he will find one quickly!

A Battersea Staff Member said:

“He’s so affectionate, even with new people, and loves a cuddle and a fuss. He also loves playing with toys and running around the kitchen. He’s such a sweet boy.”

The shelter owner, Steven Craddock, was a little shocked at how quickly he came to them from his very new owner, but in another way, this is becoming more and more prevalent for different reasons!

A dog is for life, not just Christmas!

Steven said:

“It doesn’t shock any of us that the first dog through our doors in 2018 was bought online …Ronnie is just one of many thousands of dogs who will be bought off an unregulated website in the coming months and end up in a home where the owner is unprepared and unable to take proper care of them.”

It’s even sadder because the team at the rescue center say that it looks like he was taken away from his mom far too early and likely sold for profit without any care for him, just the money!

One of the biggest problems to the welfare of animals is dogs sold online…

In the United Kingdom it is thought that well over 20,000 pets will be abandoned over the winter period, the rescue center, Battersea, says that the house nearly 550 animals at any given moment!


The rescue group has recently started a campaign to fund the cause and help home pets and care for those pets otherwise out on the street in the cold.

With the money, they raise they will give a worm place and a bed to animals in need and get them off the cold and cruel streets.

Steven really wants this story to help and urge people to make good decisions that keep pets from being bought and abandoned.

We also hope it will keep many more puppies from being abandoned by helping people to understand the consequences and responsibilities of a dog, the lifelong responsibility of dog ownership

Adopt don’t shop, so instead of buying online from possibly profit hungry unscrupulous breeders give a hole to a dog desperate for a loving home from a rescue center local to you!

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