Bloodhound Picture Causes Shelter Director To Get Arrested!

The image in question was not to be taken lightly, it was as foul as it was sad, and following being fired he was arrested too…

The image went viral and the poor doggie in the picture was really malnourished, he was sad and really down, poor boy!

Not surprisingly it prompted an investigation into the whole affair and the director of the animal shelter, Terry Wayne Starnes, was eventually released on a $2,500 bond.

Friends Animal Shelter President, Anne Fontaine, said to the news that the board made the decision to terminate his employment.

She also said she was the only board member who voted not to fire him, and also that many of the others felt like they had no choice because of the funding the shelter receives from the county.

Anne said:

“In a way, they threatened to stop paying us, so, and this is the only real source of income we have other than adoptions and donations”

Ann told a story about how the organization was set up to fail after it took over services approximately a year ago. They have considerably less funding and no ability to humanely euthanize, they became really full to the brim and beyond!

Anne said:

“I will admit, things have not been the best at the shelter.”

“However, we took the shelter over a year ago, we had to do this on one-third of the funds that came in previously to the shelter.”

“We also, by deciding to be a no-kill shelter, we ended up taking in three times the amount of animals that were in the shelter before. We are overrun with very little funds”

She also said:

“This was an animal that came into us very skinny. We really tried our best to even force him to feed.”

“Maybe it was a depression on being locked up after being freed, but the animal did not want to eat. And so this happens.”

“And in another shelter he would have been put down, but we were just trying our best to keep this animal”

The sheriff’s office made a statement that, the shelter’s vetting sheet recorded that the dog was wormed on Mar. 21, June 21, July 21 and Sept. 21.

Officials then said that they asked the shelter manager for medical records for the dog, but the manager said that the dog had been taken to a vet.

The weird thing in all this was he could not remember which vet, plus he didn’t have any records to back up what he was saying!

We are happy to say that the woman who initially posted about the dog now says that the dog is doing much better now and is with a foster family. When he is better, the rescue will send him to his “forever family”, good luck, and best wishes.

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