Kind Blogger Donates Tons Of Dog Beds To His Local Animal Shelter !!!

There’s few things in this world more heartbreaking than seeing a sweet animal in need.

Take a walk through your local shelter, and you’ll seesad eyes looking back up at you, each one desperately hoping to find their forever home.

That’s exactly what blogger Stuart Edge discovered when he arrived at the Janice R. Johnson Center for Animals in Deseret, UT.

He simply wanted to volunteer his time to the facility and give some of the pups a nice long walk and some playtime.

However, as soon as Edge stepped in, their precious faces inspired him to go one step further.

Before leaving that day, he asked the Animal Shelter employees if there was anything more he could do to help make life a little better for the four-legged cuties while they wait on a loving family.

They explained how much a few beds would mean to their pooches who, at the time, were forced to try find comfort on the hard concrete floors of their pens.

So, Edge gathered up a few of his friends and made their way to the pet store. With his car now filled to the brim with fluffy cushions, he made his way right back to the shelter.

First, though, the group of buddies brought a few of the pups outside for some fun in the sun! You can see a big difference in their demeanor as soon as they feel the sun on their fur.


Then, it was time to finally enjoy their cozy new digs.

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