Blind Pit Bull has touching reunion with the deputy who saved him!

Sheriff’s Deputy Trevor Reeves was looking forward to visiting an old friend when he came back to town – a blind rescued Pit Bull named Stevie Wonder.

Trevor became friends with Stevie after he was adopted from a shelter. He kept in touch with Stevie. But, got some heartbreaking news when he discovered the Pit Bull Stevie had sadly been attacked by dogs that used to be his friends.

Stevie, the Pit Bull was blinded by a degenerative eye disease. The disease left Stevie defenseless, and he was attacked by other dogs and sustained life-threatening injuries. Stevie’s owners were traumatized by the horrible dogfight and surrendered Stevie to Sugar Hill the Villalobos Rescue Center.

To make things even sadder, Stevie’s owners were so traumatized by the dog fight that they decided to get rid of him. That’s when Trevor reached out to Tia from Pit Bulls and Parolees.

In the touching video below, Trevor reunites with Stevie the Pit Bull for the first time since Stevie was saved.

Pit Bull

Villalobos Rescue Center member Sugar Hill is fostering Stevie. They helping the dog physically and emotionally recover and invites Trevor over to see Stevie.

When Trevor sees the Pit Bull Stevie, it was hard for the two men to hold back their tears.

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