Blind, beaten and left to die, little dog gets help from kind stranger

A blind, beaten and emaciated little dog was abandoned on the streets of Baltimore; it had been one of the hottest days of the year.

The pint-sized pup was the heartbreaking victim of long time abuse and neglect.

Had a Good Samaritan not leaned down to pick him up and deliver him to BARCS, the seven-pound mangled little pooch, with the smashed face and the bony frame, would have died.

The kind person carefully placed him in a bag to keep him safe and took him to Animal Control in Baltimore because she didn’t have a crate. 

Oddly however, when first discovered, it seemed as if he had been a senior pup deprived of care he so deserved, yet when veterinarians examined him, they were shocked as they checked his teeth; the dog was no more than four-years-old.

With medical intervention, that face can heal,” stated Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Virginia who stepped up to help the terribly abused little pup. “Today we drove up to Baltimore to get him. He’s now in foster care on antibiotics and pain meds, and he’s in experienced loving hands.”

The French poodle and Shih Tzu blend is expected to recover, and advocates are anxious to see him wagging his tail somewhere along the road when feeling better.

According to CbsLocalBaltimore, Shelly DeSouza, the dog’s foster mom, told reporters one would have thought the dog, since dubbed Palmier, would have been an ornery old cuss with everything that’s been done to him, yet Shelly described him as nothing but a total love bug.

There has been no information as to the dog’s previous owner.

Since arriving at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, who will be Palmier’s guardians until he is ready to be adopted, the dog has undergone a complete veterinarian examination:

“…One side of his mouth does indeed have very good teeth, however the other side is severely infected and eventually all the teeth on that side need to be removed. His face is badly infected and has thickened skin from being left untreated.

He has lost weight since his other vet visits, so we are changing his food. His back is very painful so he is on more pain meds. They were able to clip the hair on his face to make him more comfortable. We now await the results of his testing…”

Check out his video when first rescued. We will be sure to do an update soon. Get well soon Palmier. Rest easy little dog – you will never be mistreated on abused again.

To help with Palmier’s veterinarian expenses, please click here.

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