The Black Death For Dogs Is On The Rise, Pet Owners Be Warned!

Among the many dangers that present themselves to us nowadays as dog owners, there is another one to worry about now called Alabama Rot, looks like it’s time to keep our beloved pets away from the mud…

The Disease, also known as CRGV is fatal, it’s an illness that has claimed many of our beloved pets already!

The dogs that have the disease are caused to vomit and get skin lesions and sores, there is an 80 percent chance of mortality, so only 2 in every ten dogs survive it on average, it’s a horrendous way for dogs to die.

You can look for it by checking your pet for these ulcers and skin lesions that are caused by the disease, they usually appear on skin and paws and is a giveaway sign of the killer having infected your doggie.

Your dog could also develop sore, open wounds then progressively over 10 or so days is when the kidney failure ensues, your dog may vomit, be tired and not want to eat.

Could this be the last time your dog will be allowed to roll in the mud like this?

If you see any signs like this is your lovely doggie then contact your local vet and get it checked out, which to be honest all we great dog owners do anyway, the pain and suffering this disease can cause is simply awful!

An Official from the Dogs Trust said:

“Where possible, stick to dry paths and keep dogs out of muddy or wet areas.”

As we know there is no way that is currently known of preventing the disease or stopping dogs from catching it, just be vigilant, avoid mud and generally be careful. I certainly won’t be letting my beloved dogs roll in the mud, will you?

If your dogs get all muddy then the official advice it to:

“Wash off any mud after your walk so you can check for any lesions or wounds and if you spot any, go to your vet.”

The cause of this terrible and serious disease is not known, but vets are calling it the black death for dogs, usually, once Alabama Rot strikes it’s often too late to do anything because of it being unnoticed for too long!

So far about 135 cases have been actually recorded since 2012, but there are greater fears that with the weather in 2018 it will be on the increase, there may well be more cases that have gone unrecorded, this year 29 cases are recorded already!
What a terrible and painful disease, and as yet we know so little about it!

The disease seems to live in Wet soil and mud, your risks are less during the hottest months of the year too, but that doesn’t mean your completely safe in the summer either, the highest risk times are between October and June.

Alabama rot came from, it’s thought, America, originating in greyhounds back in the 1980’s but since then it seems to be all around the world!

The disease occurs in all breeds, in all locations around the world, regardless of your dog’s size or age? No dog is safe!

Animal Health Trust spokeswoman Farrah Owens said:

“The best thing dog owners can do is be aware of the symptoms and access their vets as soon as they see signs of sickness, diarrhea, and lethargy. Dogs that visit their vet quickly tend to recover.”

A Forestry Commission spokesman said:

“Owners should always keep their dogs under close control and be aware of anything they may pick up, chew or eat in a woodland area.”

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