He Bit The Dog’s Ear Until It Bled To Establish His Dominance!?

Being in charge of dogs means you have to be head of the pack, the dog has to identify you as a leader, by your actions, to see you as a leader, and a provider of food, but this guy had a different idea!

The guy actually owned up to biting his dog to ‘establish dominance’ over him, pretty lucky the dog was so kind not to bite him back, but he avoided jail time!?

He actually pleaded guilty to the offense as he was charged, so surely this was enough, well that’s what we thought, how wrong were we?

At 27 years-old, Patrick Shurod Campbell pleaded guilty to the charge of cruelty and was then also sentenced to four years probation but the judge…

Patrick was ordered by the judge to have a mental health evaluation too, in addition, he was told that he was not allowed to have any more pets of any kind at his place.

27 years-old, Patrick Shurod Campbell

To make sure that the ban on animals was adhered to he had imposed on him random inspections of his hole by the Control agents from Animal Care.

It transpired that he was arrested after the police responded to a 911 call that someone was abusing a dog in a shared apartment.

The officers that found the dog, a Husky called Dmitri discovered him inside a closet inside his bedroom, there was blood smeared on the carpet and a recliner chair too…

According to the police report, the poor dog was so scared, he was shaking and had a bloody ear, he must have felt so relieved to be taken out of that house the poor doggie.

When the police enquired how he had been injured the guy just replied:

“I bit him to establish dominance”

The guy then proceeded to tell the police that he was disciplining the dog after he had destroyed many of his things in the apartment.

Patrick had also, besides biting the dog quite badly, punched him many times in his face too, to establish dominance, apparently, so he said.

One of his roommates also reported that he saw him beating the dog on more than one occasion, in fact, several times and that the dog would lie on his back, paws in the air crying in pain…

Another roommate said that he head the dog crying in pain too, while Patrick screamed ‘You little b***h’.

Dimitri was taken away by officials and thankfully is now safe and sound, we feel so relieved this poor scared dog can now begin to heal both mentally and physically.

Patrick has to now do over 300 hours of community service, this was part of his plea deal…

If he is a ‘good boy’ then his supervision will come to an end after two years, he must keep to the terms of his probation of course!

One neighbor said to the news that:

“It’s terrifying. It’s really sad… I think it’s awful. Maybe he deserves a bite on the ear himself for it.”

Another said:

“I would never think such thing, you know. It is surprising.”

One more said:

“When you take in an animal into your home, that’s your family”

We really can’t imagine what this guy was thinking, he certainly had no clue how to treat or train animals… we believe that we need stricter harsher punishments for crimes like these, don’t you agree?

What do you think ?