The Biggest Dog Slaughter House Complex Is Finally Closed

We often receive bad news, but we are really delighted this time to be the purveyors of some really great news, South Korean officials on Thursday began to dismantle the country’s largest canine slaughterhouse complex!

Animal rights supporters and activists alike really are active in the push to end the eating of dog meat, as we all are too, what a victory!

This awful custom means that around one million dogs are eaten each year in South Korea, a summertime delicacy in the country, with the greasy red meat, usually boiled for tenderness and thought boost energy.

It really is a custom that has been much criticized from abroad, not surprisingly, and has also been on the decline, as younger generations view dogs more like pets than food!

The nation as a whole is beginning to wholeheartedly embrace dogs as pets, not as livestock, and now eating them is something of a taboo among younger South Koreans.

Seongnam city Taepyeong-dong complex is thought to have over six dog slaughterhouses that have hundreds of animals at a time, it was, to say the least, a major source of meat for restaurants the length of the country.

In just two days it will be made into a public park, a complete transformation say Seongnam city officials.

The campaigners for animal rights have slammed the slaughterhouse operators for their terrible treatment of the dogs, inhumane killings, and general tortious acts.

According to the Humane Society, when they visited the site they discovered electrocution equipment and piles of dead dogs…

Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) said:

“This is a historic moment …It will open the door for more closures of dog meat slaughterhouses across the country, expediting the decline of the overall dog meat industry.”

Surveys suggest that around 70% of South Koreans do not actually consume dog meat at all, and even fewer, around 40% think it should be banned, but 65% support humane conditions for dogs.

At the present, there are no governing laws about how to treat the dogs that are there for their meat, but farmers want dogs to be considered under livestock welfare rules! We can’t disagree more!

What can we really do to spread awareness and to help this all so important cause?

What do you think ?