Betrayed – family left 17-year-old dog at shelter because she’s ‘too old’

An elderly dog, said to be 17 years of age, has been betrayed by her family, who allegedly claimed that she was now “too old” for them to keep.

The 17-year-old dog, named “Maddison,” was left at the Los Angeles County Animal Services facility in Lancaster on February 7 and today, she is just one of dozens of homeless dogs who are locked away at the facility, shelter.

Update:  Adopted!

According to an advocate for Maddison, the following information was provided by the senior dog’s former owners:

My former family who owned me for “more than 5 years” (could be her entire life) gave me up because they “thought I had gotten too old”.

They said that I spend most of my time indoors. I do not show interest in small children. I have begun housetraining, but I still need some work. I am good on a leash.

I am just learning obedience skills (FYI ALL: this is a formatted pet profile they use).

I seem to get along well with dogs and cats.

Few dogs make it to 17 years of age; those who do should be spoiled by their owners; not dumped at a busy, loud and frightening animal control agency or shelter.

Please help Maddison find a family who will love and cherish her for the remainder of her life.

UPDATE:  The post went viral, and within a few days, it had been shared several hundred times.

Maddison was finally adopted just in time and is now happily living with a new loving owner who will never abandon her.

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