Best friends: 2 dogs have heartwarming relationship for all of us to admire

All of us adore our best friends – whether they live next door or across the country; it’s a special bond that connects the emotional ties during moments of extreme happiness as well as the tears when our hearts have been broken.

Now to imagine if your best friend lives across the street? Is that not a dream come true?

And so it is for a yellow Labrador retriever named Messy and a husky named Audi. The two dogs have become “besties” – alright they don’t text, but they have struck up a heartwarming friendship.

The problem for the two however – is they live across the street from each other and are separated by fences.

While Audi’s owner is often out of town leaving the dog lonely and anxious, yep you guessed it – Messy is there to calm those four paws.

According to the Metro, Messy’s human, Oranit Kittragul encourages her dog to help calm Audi when he is heard crying in the yard. Sadly, the two dogs are locked in their own respective yards.

One day, not so long ago, all of that changed. Audi’s owner had accidentally left the garden gate partially open one day and out sauntered the dog to hang out with his bestie.

And in that moment, the two dogs hugged – paw to paw and head to head.

It would appear there will be more play sessions and hugs in the future. 

(Photos of best friends via Oranit Kittragul)

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