Beloved dog is kidnapped from home. Dog is finally found after story goes viral on the Internet!

If home intruders aren’t bad enough, imagine them taking away your best friend, leaving you uncertain of whether or not you will ever see them again.

Kaitlyn Thomas from Baltimore, Maryland, came home to an absolute nightmare.

Not only had burglars broken into her home and left a mess, but they also took with them her Beloved dog Knox, a 3-and-a-half-year-old Pit Bull mix.

Thomas immediately knew something was off when Knox didn’t come running down the stairs to greet her as he always did.

Beloved Dog

She looked around but couldn’t find him anywhere, and his leash and harness were also gone. Her worst fears were realized—Knox had been stolen.

Beloved Dog

Knox and Thomas met in 2014, and while Thomas originally intended to house him temporarily as a foster parent, she fell in love with him and knew he would become a permanent member of her family.

Knox had found the perfect home and the perfect mom, but one dreadful day threatened to ruin everything.

Beloved Dog

The news of Knox’s dognapping quickly went online, and thousands of Internet users shared his story. In a matter of days, generous donors raised over $8,000 through GoFundMe to help find him and ensure his safe return.

Beloved Dog

But in a surprising turn of events, Knox was found a few days later tied to a tree only half a block away from his home, safe and unharmed. Not surprisingly, the two were more than thrilled to be reunited.

“This is all because of you,” Thomas said to the Good Samaritans on Facebook.

Beloved Dog

While it turned out there was no need for the funds, the quick actions, and attentiveness of these kind strangers may have been why Knox’s abductor failed to sell him—they might have found the overwhelming amount of media attention he was getting alarming.

Beloved dog

Thomas believes Knox was stolen to be bred or illegally sold. An ABC report said he also could have been kidnapped to be used as bait for fighting dogs, which would have been an atrocious fate for the sweet and gentle Knox.

“Knox is a little ladybug,” Thomas told The Dodo. “He won’t hurt anyone or anything.”

Beloved dog

Unfortunately, these motives are all reasons why dognapping incidents have increased in the United States.

Petfinder suggests bringing pets inside when you leave your home, and highly discourages tying dogs outside when visiting public establishments. Getting your pet spayed or neutered is important, as it thwarts intruders from taking them for breeding purposes.

Should a lost or stolen pet end up at a shelter, microchips are excellent ways to make sure pets return safely to their homes.

Knox’s frightening ordeal can teach us a lot about how to avoid pet theft, a crime that is rising at an alarming rate in the United States. Sadly, not all stolen dogs are reunited with their parents, but by taking these precautions, we can keep many pets and their families together.

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