Baseball Fans Rescue A Puppy Left In A Hot Car !!

Rescue Puppy True Story… As the weather gets warmer, some pet owners forget that leaving their dogs in their cars (even for a short while) can be deadly.

We don’t realize how hot it can get inside a parked, locked car because we never stay in them ourselves. For our pups, the practice is akin to torture. Even with the window cracked open, these animals don’t get the cool air they need to keep them alive.

The practice often has disastrous consequences, and dogs can perish even after just a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately, it’s more common than we want to believe, and some careless owners leave their pups in a hot car for hours while they are away. That’s what Michael Warner witnessed after leaving a baseball game early with his family.

The baseball fans were walking through the parking lot when they heard whimpering coming from one of the cars. He immediately ordered everyone to start looking for the source, believing that a child was crying.

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Then he saw it in a blue car: a puppy who was barely holding on. The poor animal was dehydrated and overheated, and his paws were red.

The family rushed to get the Rescue Puppy help, and Michael reached into the car himself to grab the pup, who is now in good hands. The owner of the puppy hasn’t come forward, and authorities are hoping he will be adopted soon.

We can’t begin to imagine what would have happened if these heroes didn’t leave when they did!

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