Baron The German Shepherd does all the housework!

Baron the German Shepherd does all the housework!

Baron The German Shepherd is the BEST house keeper ever

he can do the laundry, the dishes, the dusting, the mopping… and even cleans up his own cookie crumbs!!

This helpful dog doesn’t mind getting his paws dirty with a spot of housework. Baron the German Shepherd was filmed as he helped get the dishes done at home in California. Footage shows the pup reaching up and grabbing rinsed goods between his teeth from the sink, before loading them into the dishwasher.

Once he’s put an item in the machine, Baron patiently waits for another to be rinsed by his owner. He then gets back up on his back legs to collect his next load. Baron was professionally trained at the Hill Country K9 school.  Other videos show the pup breaking sweat as he helps his trainer workout. He performs a range of moves, including aerobic step exercises and lunges. To date the clip of Baron dishwashing has been watched more than 27,000 times. Many viewers have applauded the dog’s cleaning antics, deeming him ‘cute’ and adorable’.

This is some seriously amazing training!

DoggiesCare – Baron The German Shepherd does all the housework!

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