She Had A Ball In Her Mouth, Ready To Play, But Police Officer Shot The Dog

We all know how playful our dogs can be, but never have we heard of a dog getting shot because she wanted to play in a menacing way, we feel very sad for this dog…

The dog is an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross and the owners say that she had a ball in her mouth, then the police officers shot her, poor girl!

The owner, Lance Murphy, sent this statement to the news:“Missty is so amazing and loving and loves everyone, she just wants to play. Of course, she was going to come towards you; she has a ball she wants you to throw for her”

The incident is being investigated, of course, but what the outcome will be, no one knows, the police say that canine officers were preparing for a training session on the 5200 block of 14th Ave.

Lance said that he had seen an increased police presence in the area, but didn’t see any signs to say that people must stay clear of the area.

He said that he threw the ball a few times for his dogs before he saw an officer heading over his way.

Murphy said, he called his dogs, but:

[The Police Officer]… “He didn’t wave at me, didn’t shout at me”

Molly came back to him, but as he said:

“Missty, during the time she was coming back noticed the officer and proceeded to go towards him with her ball in her mouth”

“I immediately started yelling -don’t shoot my dog- [and] -stop shooting my dog- …He fired off two rounds at her at least, and it wasn’t immediately back to back BANG BANG, he had a pause in the shots.”

Lance said that he put himself between his dog and the officer, Missty ran back to the vehicle and the officer wanted to see Lance’s documents.

Lance went on to say:

“He said this wasn’t an off-leash park and I shouldn’t be here and this is still city limits. I said, ‘Do you have a heart? Do you own a dog? My dog is dying.’ “

Lance took the dogs there because it was really easy to access it and he could go there regularly with his dogs.

Lance said:

“The things people don’t understand is that I’m disabled and have been for 20 years”

“Missty is a loving dog that only aims to please. She is basically a therapy dog to me and she is my everything.”

Lance said that he was allowed bring Missty to the Regina Animal Clinic, eventually!

He went on to say:

“I was crying and begging the vet to take her and save her life.”

The vet discovered that Missty had a broken shoulder as he was removing the bullets from her, such a sad case, we hope it’s investigated properly and completely.

The officer said that they had been setting up a police dog training session, during which a vehicle stopped then guy released two dogs, they started running off-leash near the ball diamond.

It was claimed that:

“As the officer was speaking, he stopped, because the two dogs ran toward him

…and that the dogs were not listening to their owner, according to the police.

“As the owner continued to call for the dogs to return, the officer began sensing very troubling behavior from one of the dogs, that appeared to him, to be assuming an aggressive posture and circling him.”

One bullet apparently went into the ground and another hit the dog…

An investigation and interviews with all the witnesses, including civilian witnesses, is taking place, it will then determine if their force was appropriate or not.

If officer re-training or coaching is needed, or if the use of force was not appropriate, and hence the officer should then face criminal charges…

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