Bait dog saved from dog fighting dump ground loving his life now!

The bait dog who was found discarded among animal carcasses in the woods in rural South Carolina is making a remarkable recovery thanks to the care he’s received from his rescuers.

Rambo was first discovered by a member of Every Life Matters Animal Rescue clinging to life.

He had been badly bitten all over; likely used as bait dog in dog fighting and then dumped and left to die.

They rushed him to the emergency vets where it was touch and go for a time. He is now in the care of Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) and after a month and a half of tender loving care; Rambo is beginning to love his life.

bait dog

Doctors tried to save his back limbs; but because of the extent of the infection and injuries they had to amputate both his back paws.

Although he’s lost his back feet, the vets are optimistic Rambo will be able to bear weight on his stubs with some more skin graft surgeries.

bait dog

“Since he bears such good weight without implants or prosthesis we have switched back to the goal of getting pad tissue to the bottom so he has a good surface to walk on,” CARE wrote on Facebook.

In the meantime Rambo has gotten a wheelchair to get around with and is picking up how to use it quite quickly.

Rambo’s story is getting a lot of press; something that his rescuers say helps him and other dogs like him.

“Rambo might need an agent soon!! Glad that the ‘golden lining’ to all of this is that he can bring awareness to the on-going dog fighting that occurs on our own back yards.

If Rambo helps to save just one dog from such abuse then it is a job well done!!”

bait dog

Update: July 2017

Rambo found a wonderful forever home a few months after his rescue and is loving life with his caring parents and doggie siblings. He also still regularly visits with his rescuers at CARE.

Recently, he shared a special pupcake with them for his birthday!

bait dog

CARE wrote:

“Rambo and his Momma paid us a visit today! We shared some birthday cake (canine and human) and gave all the kisses, hugs; and belly scratches we could! He was every bit the sweet, happy; and loving boy he was when he went home to his furever family; We are also happy to report that he has maintained his healthy appetite and at one point grabbed his entire cake right off the plate! AND We cannot thank Rambo’s Mom enough for the visit; but also for giving him such a loving, and attentive home. We love you, Rambo!”

bait dog

We’re so happy to see that Rambo has made a full recovery; and has a family he loves and who love him. Share Rambo’s story with your friends.