Bait Dog Learns The Meaning Of Love For The First Time Ever!

Most of us dog owners have dogs because we love our dogs, but there are some exceptions, those people that use their dogs to fight for so-called ‘sport’, then some bait dogs, they suffer even worse of all…

Miley was one of those bait dogs and she has never known a day of kindness, just extreme and terrible cruelty and pain.

The despicable humans get dogs against each other and used her as bait to get bigger and stronger dogs to learn to fight.

It’s really awful how the dogs are pitted against each other…

They would tape Miley’s mouth closed and they would put barbed wire around her neck, so the bigger dogs couldn’t kill her, then send her into the ring with other dogs trained to kill and fight to the death.

This was a regular torture for Miley, the poor dog was just used for entertainment in such a cruel and barbaric way!

The day that Miley was so terribly injured, she was then of no use to them, they dumped her like trash.

Her back leg was really bad, it was a severe injury, it didn’t take long to work out what had been done to her, and what she had been through.

She had wounds all over her body and she was thin as a pin, it was going to take a lot of love and care to get her mental and physical health back to a good state.

The officer that found Miley realized that the local shelter would not be able to afford to pay her vets bill, she would be euthanized, so he went to Facebook to ask for help to save her.

Amanda Holley saw her picture and said:

“Without even thinking I offered to pick her up and keep her overnight so I could get her to the vet the next day. A woman on the post [comment section] started a fundraiser to cover her medical bills”

Holly went on to say:

“She wouldn’t even make eye contact and just kept staring out the side of her crate …I went out and bought her a stuffed hedgehog, and when I gave it to her, she looked at me as if it was the greatest kindness ever bestowed on her.”

“From that moment on, she made eye contact and would take meds from my hand. She changed my life in a matter of hours.”

Miley’s life was transformed by the kind people who all helped her, enough money was raised in under two days for the surgery, and they found her a foster home to recover and get better.

Just a few short months later and the foster had to move and couldn’t keep Miley any longer, Holley was called back again to help…

Holley said:

“When you meet Miley she changes you immediately; she’s been through so much and is so sweet …So, of course, I had to take her.”

Holley had Miley brought to her, she wasn’t even sure if Holley would remember her, but sure enough, she did absolutely remember her!

She was so ecstatically excited to see her, it was a beautiful picture!!

She also got another gift, a rescue dog called Ace, who had been in the shelter for three years, he was really nervous, but he became Miley’s new brother.

Amazingly enough, though, Miley was the more stable and confident of the two, and she is gradually bringing Ace out of his shell too!

Holley said:

“Miley’s favorite thing to do is meet people …She’s already made a ton of friends, both dogs, and people. She won’t go more than a few steps on our walks without saying hi to somebody.”

“Miley is Wonder Woman in a dog’s body …She is living proof of the principle that only love can save the world.”

Please let’s all do our best to watch out for anything we can do to identify people who dogfight and then pass this information to the authorities.

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