Bait Dog Dumped In Piles Of Trash, He Couldn’t Even Lift His Head When Rescuers Came!

As far as entertainment goes there are some that really are not entertainment at all, it hard to understand why people could consider dogfighting as anything but cruel…

Even that said dogs still continue to be bred and conditioned for fighting. Two dogs are put in 14-20-ft pits until one of them can’t or won’t continue to fight!

If the dogs that fight don’t perform well then it’s also likely that they are mistreated or killed, how barbaric!!

Information collected from dog fighting rings that have been busted suggest that 1000’s of dollars can bu put down; collectively, on one fight.

Each fight could last minutes or hours and it’s not unusual to see $500,000 to be seized during these raids on dog fighting rings.

bait dog

The dogfights are not where it stops and these venues are used to deal in firearms and drugs, even watching one of these fights is a felony in all 50 states, it really is an awful thing!

There are around 40,000 people behind organized dog fighting and a colossal 100,000 are active at the street level and involved in dog fighting, although the ASPC thinks this figure is much higher.

bait dog

Back in the 1990s dog fighting was so popular like it seems to be now, the internet and ease of access to information have enabled rings to attract many more people, sadly.

Back in 2007, there were around 205,000 dogs forced to fight nationwide, this does not include cockfights or other animals…

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In the United States of America, Florida is amongst the worse which has the highest number of severe crimes committed against poor innocent animals.

Crimes like beating, abandonment, and neglect as well as other abhorrent acts such as choking, suffocation or drowning.

The FBI has done a lot of research on these crimes and he’s been aware, since even in the 1970s that there is a correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence.

They realized this when they saw a statistical relationship that most serial killers had also killed and tortured animals as children.

bait dog

There is also a relationship between animal abuse and violent spouses or partners too this is a known phenomenon.

The Humane Society of The United States, (HSUS), estimates that each year, one million animals are either abused or killed in connection with cases of domestic violence.

Animal abusers are some 5 times more likely to go on to commit crimes, also 4 times more likely to commit crimes against property.

We are just thankful for good Samaritans, like the person who discovered Charlie the pit bull clinging to life near a dumpster in Philadelphia.

He was covered in flies and dirt, he had awful head injuries, at only 2-years-old he was so in need of help.

The vets noticed straight away poor Charlie could hardly move, he was rushed to the Philadelphia Animal Hospital as quickly as possible.

Charlie’s recovery from his rescue past week has been rough, but everyone is there to help him get better and recover!

bait dog

The Hospital said:

“It’s a tragedy when innocent animals are treated in such a way, and we recognize that this is not an isolated incident …Charlie is a sweet dog and is in stable condition.”

(The vets are) “…taking every measure to ensure he gets well.”

Charlie’s sparked an investigation to find those responsible for doing to him what they did, it’s still ongoing. Heading the inquiry is the Pennsylvania Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

It’s strongly believed that Charlie was used for dog fighting, another innocent victim, gladly he was saved and can find a forever home as he gets stronger.

The Hospital then said:

“Philadelphia Animal Hospital will be caring for and treating him free of cost, and as their exclusive rescue partner, we’ll be handling his post-recovery care. We have high hopes that Philly’s amazing Humane Law Enforcement team will be able to bring Charlie’s abusers to justice.”

Charlie is not completely safe yet though, he could have developed sepsis, a serious blood infection that can be fatal, but now he is trotting around things are starting to get better for him, watch below:

The City of Elderly Love said:

“There’s no set timeline for his recovery, and we’ll have to take it day by day, but Charlie is strong, and the worst is over.”

“Tomorrow, he’ll have surgery to remove more of the dead tissue on his face. He’ll need a series of procedures to make a full recovery, but is more comfortable than he has been in a long time.”

Charlie is getting all the love he needs and the care to help him heal and get stronger, he is showing affection to his careers, plenty of kisses, he now just needs a forever home.

Well done Charlie, please consider SHARING Charlie’s story with your friends and family.

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