Bait Dog too depressed to lift her head undergoes remarkable transformation!


Dog-fighting operations are some of the most despicable situations rescuers encounter, but a lot of happy endings can come from busting one in the early stages.

The bait dogs are often chained up with no shelter and minimal food and water. Neglected and emaciated, they need rescuers to intervene before it’s too late. And that’s exactly what happened here.

The SPCA of Texas sent rescuers to a suspected dog-fighting ring in Able Springs, Texas. Rescuer Madeline Yeaman approached the scene, and the dogs were jumping with excitement at the sight of her. Except for one dog…

The severely emaciated pup in the background could barely lift her head and was on the brink of death.

Her giant collar was attached to a heavy chain, and she had no shelter to hide from the elements.


She was having trouble moving, so rescuers were patient with her to get her to stand.

It was clear she didn’t have much fight left in her.


She was rushed to a clinic for a checkup and immediately started treatment. The poor dog had almost no blood flowing through her veins.


They named her Gwen Stefani, and as a few days passed, she began to show more energy and life.


As her body healed, Gwen’s spirit and fight started to show. Seeing her run around outside is nothing short of a miracle.


Gwen receives lots of love all day long and gets to enjoy the little things, like fetch and comfortable place to sleep.

It’s a totally different life than what she was used to.


Gwen is recovering mentally and physically but is a very happy dog. The next step is to find that forever home.


It’s hard to believe that Gwen is the same dog we met almost 2 months ago. She was so thin and defeated the day we met her, recovery is nothing short of remarkable.

Her kindness is one of the many things that we love most about her; even after everything she endured she still loves people so much.


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