The Worse Case Ever Seen, Once A Bait Dog, Now Finally Safe – Cuddling His First Ever Soft Toy!

LaChrystal Ricke is just one of those awesome people who are there when you need them when she saw this poor doggie looking so grubby and sad on an armchair, sleeping outside, she knew she had to go and get him, immediately!

Ricke, founder, and director of Reggie’s Friends was a dog lover out and out and his rescue group is based in Houston, Texas.

Ricke said: “He was out in a parking lot in this kind of not-so-nice part of town, …Somebody had posted that they’d gone to the gas station and there was this skinny dog. I wanted to pick him up because it wasn’t a safe place.”

By the time Ricke arrived at the gas station it was pretty dark, however, when she looked around the area for the dog, who has since been called Aniken, he was nowhere to be seen.

The best course of action now was to turn to Facebook for help, so that is just what she did!

She wrote this: “Hey guys, can you come out here? I can’t find him. I’m going to leave him be for the night because I’m sure he found his safe spot.”

The very next day, in the morning, two of the volunteers went back to the same place…

Ricke said:

“They started knocking on doors, asking people if they’d seen him …But nobody’s seen him, nobody’s seen him. And then this little healthy female [street dog] popped up …we named her Tessa.”

“She’s trying to get their attention, and leading them back to this little shack in the back where people have dumped all sorts of garbage … there are car parts, there’s food garbage.”

bait dog

At last, they found Aniken, Ricke said that in the end he was found in the seat that you can see in all the photos, just laying there!

Ricke went back to the gas station and got Aniken, and Tessa too. She thought that Aniken was really thin and underfed, a street dog, but she was even more shocked to learn that the situation was even worse than she first thought!

Ricke said:

“We get home and he starts coming out of the crate, and we start seeing these massive infected wounds …And they’re oozing, they’re still infected. My husband and I were like, OK, we need to get him straight to the emergency vet.”

bait dog

Aniken had even more problems than that even, more than the infected wounds his skin was covered in huge ticks, this combined with the undernourishment had put a huge strain on his organs…

The veterinary team at the ‘BluePearl Emergency Pet Hospital’ were very concerned about him, there was, even more, to be concerned about though…

Ricke said that the vet described the dog’s condition as ‘really bad’ and it was one of the worse cases they had ever seen, in fact, they were pretty positive that he had been a bait dog!

The bait dog’s purpose, of course, was to be bait, so it got all the pounding but was prevented from fighting back or defending its self.

Ricke wasn’t really sure that he was really a bait dog, that’s until the vet opened his mouth and they had pulled out almost all of his teeth, to render him a harmless bait dog, how cruel!

Aniken has oozing wounds and scars to his face, he was really in a bad way the poor doggie, he needed, desperately, some love and care and a kind home to spend his days in.

He stayed at the emergency vet for more than the few days you might normally expect, one of the nurses brought him something really nice, a stuffed elephant, he loved it!

bait dog

Everyone at BluePearl really loved Aniken and formed a bit of a bond with him, he was such a lovely bait dog and had been through such a traumatic ordeal before he got there, everyone wanted to give him their love.

Aniken was stabilized and then taken to the main vet for some more care, then to his foster home where he could continue to heal and gain his strength of body and mind and feel safe and loved.

Ricke said:

“He’s very reserved …It’s going to take some time for him to come out of his shell and understand that there are people who love him and care for him and that we’re not going to hurt him. And to know that there’s always going to be food and sweaters and stuffies and blankets.”

bait dog

“This level of abuse is all-encompassing …it’s mental, physical and emotional, and it’s going to take some time for him to pull out of these things …But we feel very lucky that we were put into his path that we were able to do this for him.”

Aniken is really showing promise, healing up really well and growing happier as each day passes by, the foster home is really good for him, he has probably never been better!

He is gaining weight and really beginning to enjoy life and the love of his foster parents, he especially loves being on the couch with his foster dad!

bait dog

We hope that Aniken, you find a forever home and love for the rest of your amazingly bright life and that you are happy always, please SHARE this story about sweet Aniken with freinds and family!

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