Authorities Looking To Find Man Who Cut A Dog’s Throat

Authorities in the Jessamine County area are searching to find a despicable man that is believed to have callously cut a dog’s throat open with a belt knife.

The Police Deputies, along with animal control, came out to a call that they received about a doggie that sadly had his throat cut, and was in a real mess.

When they arrived on the scene they discovered the really badly injured dog, just 10-years-old, poor dog, they took him straight to the emergency vets, he needed immediate surgery, he was treated and had several stitches too.

This poor doggie is thankfully recovering after his awful ordeal and thank goodness too, it’s crimes like these that more often than not result in fatalities.

The dog’s owner, a guy by the name of Jeffrey Wireman, he has since come forward to say that he has no idea at all why anyone would want to do this awful and sickening to his beloved dog.

Jeffrey said:

“Because my dog is a loveable dog. He’ll kiss you. All the neighborhood kids come play with him”

We are completely amazed yet again at how low some people seem to be able to go, and the things they will do to dogs, we hope they catch him before he does the same to another dog or a human…

He also said that his dog, called Dexter, was given to him as a present from his son and his late wife, who sadly passed away back in 2016.

Jeffrey said:

“His mother is gone, so that’s one thing he’s got to remember her by is her dog she got him”

The man who is thought to have attacked the dog is described as having a long sleeve T-shirt that is a brown color and blue jeans, he also is said to have a knife on his belt.

Authorities welcome any information that could lead to finding him and we certainly o hope that he is found and brought to swift justice!

Watch his full story below in the video:

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