Hero Attorney Tried To Save A Dog From The Icy Waters, But He Too Sadly Perished!

Quite often in life, we do rash things, selfless acts to save others or animals from peril, sadly though accidents can happen in some cases. This prominent attorney wanted to save a dog from the icy waters but sadly he perished too…

In Guthrie, Okla, he died just outside of his home, the Family of this well-known attorney is morning their sudden loss.

The police department deputies said that Jason Roselius, the attorney, drowned in an icy pond over at his ranch. It was his partner in law who was the very last person to talk to him on the phone before he so sadly died.

They were talking on the phone on the morning of the Thursday, a business meeting of sorts as they were chatting about business, it was during this phone conversation that he very abruptly got off the phone to save the dog caught in the icy waters!

Jack Mattingly Jr. said:“He was on the phone and he said, ‘Hey, I gotta go.’ He had already called his dogs back from the icy pond”


“Looks like he tried to go in to save those two puppies that were drowning and thought he’d get back really quick to his dock, and he didn’t.”

The Sheriff’s department confirmed that the deputies indeed did find him in the icy waters, they also found the dog he was trying to save.

Mattingly said:

“It just feels like the stars are falling …He was one of the most loving people. He helped so many people.”

It was clear to everyone that what he really liked to do was to help people, he spent his whole life fighting for the underdogs in life, and what he did was completely typical for him to do.

What a selfless brave guy to attempt to save this dog, we will all remember him for what he tried to do and warn others in the same circumstances not to try to venture into icy waters like this!

Mattingly said:

“Literally thousands of people reimbursed for insurance proceeds.”

The family released a statement saying:

“[That]…they are deeply saddened and heartbroken by Jason’s death. Jason died trying to save his dogs, an act that would surprise no one who knew him.”

The Sheriff’s department does not suspect any foul play but are doing their due diligence and fully investigating his death.

Our deepest and sincere condolences go out to the family, such a brave and caring man has been lost.

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