Boy Asks For A Dog, Gets A Dog-Like Alpaca Instead

Every little kid’s wish growing up is to get a puppy. But what happens when your parents refuse to get you one and you live in Australia? You get an Alpaca instead! .

That’s exactly what happened to 14-year-old Matt, of Australia. Matt’s parents got him an Alpaca named Chewy, and he is one of the most adorable and gorgeous animals you have ever seen.

It turns out that they are much more common there than in the United States. They’re more low maintenance than dogs, and they live to be about 20-25 years old.

Meet Matt’s Alpaca, the very aptly named, Chewy.

Alpaca dog-2

Seriously, he loves to chew on anything close to him.

Alpaca dog-4

Alpacas are super low maintenance and easy to care for.

Alpaca dog-3

How could you not love that face!

Alpaca dog-5

Not only is Chewy super cute, he’s super famous. Chewy has a tremendous Instagram following.

Alpaca dog-6

For any prospective owner, Alpacas are great with children!

Alpaca dog-7

Chewy also makes the best road trip companion.

Alpaca dog-8

Alpacas are also house friendly.

Alpaca dog-9

Too much cuteness for one picture.

Alpaca dog-10

Chewy is just a pet Alpaca that has his own pet rabbit.

Alpaca dog-11

I’m pretty sure we’re about to see a huge spike in Alpaca ownership.


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