Dog Found Dead Stabbed Multiple Times – Arrested For Animal Cruelty After


Warning: The description of this crime may be disturbing to some.

Two Springdale residents were arrested Tuesday and are accused of animal cruelty, gruesomely killing a dog, police say.

Timothy Triggs, 42, and Stacey Deleon, 46, face a felony charge of animal cruelty after police found their dog stabbed to death.

Police were called to an apartment complex on West End in Springdale. Police said there was a large amount of blood in the garage. Blood was on a cement bag, splattered, and there were small droplets of blood leading out of the garage to the backyard.

In the yard, police found a small grave with a dog’s body. Police say the body had a large amount of blood on its neck and front legs. There were a number of punctures and slashes around the dogs head, neck and chest.

Police said there were 15 stab wounds on the dog, including on the top of its head.

When police interviewed Triggs and Deleon, they said they “put the dog down” because it had been sick. However, neither of the two attempted to contact a vet for the illness or euthanasia.

Triggs told police the dog died within the first 30 seconds of being stabbed.

Deleon told police she approached the dog with a knife and closed her eyes and wasn’t sure where she stabbed it.

Both Triggs and Deleon were arrested Tuesday, Dec. 20, and booked into the Washington County jail.

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