Arms And Legs Lost To A Canine Infection, Says He’ll “Always Love Dogs!”

So it was a little while back we heard about a guy who lost his hands and legs after he contracted an infection, in a very rare case, but after it all, he says something truly amazing…

Even after he lost his arms and legs because of the infection that ravaged him came from the result of a dog licking him, he says that nothing will keep him away from dogs!

The guy, Greg Manteufel, said:“I can’t just stop liking dogs because this happened … I’ll always love dogs.”

The moments leading up to when he arrived in hospital, in Wisconsin’s Froedtert Hospital in the June of this year, were quite scary indeed.

Greg’s face, chest, and arms were starting to turn a funny color due to what the doctors now know was, in fact, sepsis…

Sepsis is an infection of the blood, and in this case, it was caused by a bacteria normally found in healthy dog saliva, called, by its Latin name, Capnocytophaga canimorsus.

Though these cases where an animal lick can cause such a serious blood infection is extremely rare, doctors say that these cases, although they can happen, are indeed very rare.

Greg’s infection did clear quite quickly, but the resulting poor circulation he suffered because of it caused gangrene and tissue necrosis, where the skin and tissues die and have to be cut away and amputated.

Greg, who is 48-years-old was an otherwise really healthy guy and doctors are unable to offer an explanation why these rare cases like Greg’s occur.

It all happened when his own dog, a pit bull of 8-years-old, licked him, and it was this that caused the infection in the first place.

Greg said that this rare thing that happened to him should in no way scare off dog owners or prospective dog owners from having one of these beautiful creatures.

We would certainly never let this scare us from having a dog, but maybe we would be sensible to not let our dogs lick any areas of our body where there is an open wound…

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