Anubis The Guard Dog Finds a New Family to Love And Protect

Dogs love pleasing humans. Those trained as service, search and rescue, and guard dogs work to fulfill this singular purpose.

Like all dogs, they seek reward for a job well done or command obeyed. Unfortunately, though, some dogs are taken for granted and neglected despite their diligence to duty and ability to serve.

Anubis once served as a guard dog in Cairo, Egypt. The pooch did his job well and took it seriously. When some unwanted folks approached the property, Anubis responded as any guard dog would: he barked.

The intruders took offense to Anubis and the commotion he caused. They cut off his nose.

We don’t know what Anubis was called while guarding the property. After the horrible people cut off his nose, the dog that was named after the Egyptian God of the Underworld was immediately dispatched to the rough Cairo streets. Poor Anubis. Those who were supposed to look after him sentenced him to a life of hell.


For years, the poor dog lived on the bustling streets. Anubis slept under cars, curled up in a ball while suffering in agony and silence. A local organization, the Animal Protection Foundation, rescued the once proud guard dog. This foundation saves down-trodden dogs in Egypt.

Lauren Connelly of Special Needs Animal Rescue, and Rehabilitation (SNARR) took over Anubis’s care. Connelly is a foster at the US-based organization. The local group surrendered Anubis to SNARR.


Connelly explained how SNARR takes in ill and injured animals: “We’ve made dozens of animals from them and brought them to the States, animals who otherwise would be in agony in a country that cannot care for them.”

Thank goodness for SNARR. They were giving Anubis another chance at living a full life. Once the dog arrived in New York City, his journey to his forever home was just beginning.


It would take some volunteers from all over the United States to drive the rescued dog to his new foster home in El Paso, Texas where he would remain for six months.

The volunteers took Anubis first to Maryland where he spent a week recovering and eating. You can tell the poor guy was starving. He enjoyed his car rides and meal times.


Connelly talked about how Anubis eats without a nose: “He kind of of eats upside down to compensate.” Apparently, this doesn’t stop Anubis from devouring his meals.

Anubis finally arrived in El Paso. His long term foster situation may become permanent. The family caring for him has fallen totally and utterly in love with the sweet former guard dog. Anubis has also made a canine friend, a female dog who is blind.

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