Animal Shelter Is Killing More Than 7 in 10 dogs that are rescued – We Are Outraged!

Most animal shelters need a lot of money to survive and also a lot of volunteer workers, but working in a shelter is not an easy task, and stray and sick animals need lots of time, care, and love. It’s a sad shale that these often needed resources are the most needed in shelters that have a high influx of dogs!

For animals to be considered to be euthanized there must be certain criteria met, so this is usually that the animal is aggressive, very ill or in pain, or as ‘Petful’ states, overpopulation.

Sadly the number of animals that are euthanized are growing bigger every year.

In the year of 2008 American Humane estimated that that about 3.5 million animals were put to sleep and of those, about 55 percent were dogs and 70 percent were cats. All these animals were from shelters!

As each animal arrived at the shelter it is sometimes quite difficult to let each animal have its own space, and the shelters are funded by services they provide to people as well as any donations received. Euthanizing very sick, aggressive animals, even animals with less than attractive characteristics keeps the shelter running.

animal shelter

As the shelter must make ends meet and the number of animals that come into the shelter through the year increase then it becomes harder and harder to make ends meet and pay all the bills.

Michigan has two shelters, they are both kill shelters, they essentially keep the animals for a short time before putting them to sleep. No-kill shelters don’t routinely perform euthanasia but do have a population limit.

For a county shelter to have a kill rate of around 600 a year it is not unusual, sole even offer that service to people with sick animals too, they try to keep afloat, financially any way they can.

In Michigan the Agricultural Department retains detailed records of the number of animals that are taken into shelters, those adopted and those euthanized…

animal shelter

There is one particular shelter that has astoundingly high numbers, to the point that its drawing considerable attention to its self, especially from animal advocacy groups, who are deeply concerned.

From 72 shelters that took in 500 or more animals in the 2016 period, the Detroit Center, the biggest for Animal Care, had an intake of around 6,400 animals that year, over 26 percent of them were euthanized!

Here Are Some Statistics from some individual Rescue Centres

  • Detroit Center for Animal Care6,373 taken in, 1,686 euthanized (26.4 percent)
  • Humane Society of Huron Valley5,313 taken in, 614 euthanized (11.6 percent)
  • Humane Society of West Michigan4,396 taken in, 376 euthanized (8.6 percent)
  • Berman Center for Animal Care6,312 taken in, 712 euthanized (11.2 percent)
  • Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society4,287 taken in, 3,313 euthanized (77.3 percent)

Just look at the numbers here, without debating or considering why the numbers don’t lie, how can this be, how can Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society possibly justify this?

animal shelter

The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society, MACS, is registered by the state department of agriculture to two people, Teresa Wright and Deborah Thurman.

And they have killed more than three-quarters of all the animals came to them in 2016. What is going on in their shelter?

This is the kind of anger they are sparking:

animal shelter

Many upon many lives of animals were taken by the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society, but at least one of those lives was saved with help from the World Animal Awareness Society, see the story below, in the episode of “Rescuing Rogue”:

Let’s share this, and raise awareness of what is going on, for all to see!

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