Animal shelter find abandoned dog at their doorstep. Then they spot her two broken legs

Pittsburgh police are investigating after a Yorkshire Terrier puppy with two broken legs was dumped at an animal shelter this week.

A customer who was visiting the center found the puppy on the front steps, lying there semi-unconscious. They told the police they also saw a car fleeing from the scene.

The puppy was rushed to the emergency veterinary clinic by officials from the rescue center. There it was found that the puppy had two broken legs and a slow heartbeat.

It was later discovered that the irregular heartbeat was due to a sedative being injected into the puppy prior to it being dumped at the animal shelter.

animal shelter

“We are figuring out that she probably went to another vet or an animal hospital, was evaluated, and was told this was going to be an expensive situation. That’s why they abandoned her with us,” said Dan Rossi – Chief Executive Officer of the Animal Rescue/ Western PA Humane Society.

The puppy – named ‘Laney’ underwent surgery which landed her with two little casts on each leg. In total, her care is expected to cost about $3 000 which includes her physical therapy.

animal shelter

“Obviously, we know there must be some vet hospital or vet out there that’s seen this dog. So we’re asking them if they did treat this dog, if they can contact us to help us identify the person that abandoned the dog,” Rossi said.

The shelter caught surveillance footage of Laney’s drop off and have turned it over to police for further investigation.

The staff at the rescue center said they were saddened by the ordeal. But they were glad that they at least attempted to do the right thing.

“Obviously, it’s not a good thing just to abandon the dog,” Rossi said. “I guess the good thing is they dropped the animal off at our place and didn’t throw it in the river or away. So they tried to make sure it got care.”

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