Abandoned dog acts as a ‘guide’ for her blind pup, but both need help finding a home together

Meet the adorable ten-year-old Chesapeake retriever Jake, an adorable, cute and warm dog who always brings smiles to people’s faces.

Although Jake is completely blind, he has the gift of his mother following his trail wherever he goes.

He and his mom Maggie are the absolutely best of friends. The mother of the pup acts as a sort of guide dog for her son.

The two dogs were placed in a kennel at Furry Friends Refuge a no-kill animal shelter in Des Moines, Iowa for six months.

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“Jake is really good at following other dog’s leads, and because Maggie is his mom, and she’s been with him his entire life. He likes to follow her lead the best,” said Sayde Scott-Hainchek of the Furry Friends Refuge.

Jake can’t rely on his eyesight to get around, but luckily dogs have a stronger sense of smell and hearing than us humans.

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He not only listens to where his mom is going, but Jake can also smell her scent to navigate himself.

He always makes sure that he’s close to Maggie and is always ready to listen.

The loving relationship that mom and her son share is definitely heartwarming. Some dogs can actually be very nurturing for other dogs and can help them cope with disabilities.

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The owner of the two dogs sadly passed away. That means that Jake and Maggie were in need of a new loving home to take them in.

“One of the challenges facing them is that they are bonded, so we have to adopt them out together,” the Furry Friends Rescue representative said.

“Not everybody is ready to take in two large dogs, particularly when they are seniors.”

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Even though Jake also has diabetes, the animal shelter has expressed that they’re willing to help out in any way that they can.

“We’re absolutely happy to help anyone who is unfamiliar with diabetes in animals to get them accustomed to insulin and monitoring blood sugar and other things to watch for.”

Jake keeps himself busy by playing around with the staff of the animal shelter, He is a really joyful and playful dog.

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He’s particularly fond of a giant rubber ball he was given by the animal shelter’s staff and is even able to chase it and knock it around.

“You don’t want to play favorites at a shelter, but I think a lot of our volunteers have a very special sweet spot for them. They’re just very mellow, laid back dogs. Very easy for pretty much anyone to get along with.”

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After a long period in the animal shelter, Jake and Maggie have been adopted. They will spend their time with a loving family.

The inseparable bond between this dog and his mom is truly heartwarming to see.

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