Animal Control Officers Are Stuck In The Dog House In Freezing Temperatures, All Night Long, Literally!

If you ever heard the expression to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes then you will surely understand the morel of this clever idea of these animal control officers. They want to raise awareness and remind people to bring their dogs into their houses this harsh winter period!

The three animal control officers from Michigan’s Saginaw County Animal Control will spend the night outside, with only a dog shelter to keep warm, they will be sleeping in dog houses for the night!

Animal Control Officer Joaquin Guerrero, said: – “We’re their voice, we’re the ones that step up to the plate for them.”

They have taken these steps in response to the many calls every day that they receive about dogs left outside, from concerned citizens, in these sub-freezing temperatures the three officers are really and truly going to be in the dog house!

The big day is the 12th January, they will be out in the elements, they are really brave we think, especially as they will be going from 6 pm in the evening to the next morning at 8 am. This will be done at the Apple Mountain in Thomas Township.

animal control officers

The prisoners at the Saginaw Correctional Facility have made the custom built dog houses for them, two will have a dog house each and the third will just have the clothes on their back, and a little straw of course!

To make the point a little more Officer Guerrero is going to be tied to his place by a chain just like a dog that is tied up and cant escape!!

Guerrero said:

“Lot of times when people become dog owners they think, ‘Oh they’re a dog, they can sustain, do whatever.’ But they’re not educated for the summer weather, the fall, the spring, the winter, and we run into these problems.”

One of the officers really is determined and officer Guerrero’s personal goal is to make it all the way through the night…

The officers will be on Facebook live through the night, they will share their experiences and how they feel in real-time with everyone, they want to spread the message far and wide!

Also present will be students from the Hemmeter Elementary, they will be sleeping inside of course where it is warm and cosey. They will go out and talk to the officers, check their levels of comfort and check their temperatures and see that they are safe as part of a class project.

animal control officers

Guerrero said:

“We’ve got to be that voice for them. We’ve got to help them so it doesn’t happen, so we don’t find these animals frozen. And that, we can’t save them all, but the ones we can save, or the awareness we can bring, that just keeps educating more people and more people.”

Local supporters are welcomed to the event and encouraged to come and witness what is happening, and also for some support and to cheer them on!

Let’s help them spread the word and SHARE with friends and family this wonderful idea!

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