The Way This Rescued Pit Bull Reacted To A Toy Just Broke My Heart !!!

We will never understand the mentality of an animal abuser. Animals are put on this planet to make our lives better and they will show an insane amount of loyalty to those who treat them well.

Yet this does not stop people from treating them badly. Or using them as a punching bag to take out their own frustrations. It breaks our hearts to see animals suffer and those who are abused can continue to suffer, even after they have been removed from an adverse environment.

They don’t ask for the horrible treatment that they receive or the physical and mental scars that it leaves behind.


Unfortunately, these animals are forced to rely on other people to look out for them, since their owners won’t. This is the story of Kinzie, a dog who was tied to a flagpole. To make matters worse, she was left there to suffer, after some terrible. Lousy, no good excuse for a human being subjected her to a number of severe chemical burns.


Kinzie was left with wounds all over her body and face as a result of this awful treatment. The good people at Furever Rescue took her in and provided with the care that she so desperately needed. Thanks to their efforts, Kinzie has been rehabilitated and slowly (but surely) starting to get back onto her feet once again.


When she was first found, the wounds were so fresh. She screamed out in pain as she was brought into the car. The pup was all of eight months old when the ordeal took place and her survival was far from certain. The rescuers were able to treat the injuries and remove her physical pain. But the mental scars of her experiences still remain.


Her foster mother attempted to provide her with a toy, but Kinzie is so distrustful, she reacted to this gesture aggressively. It will take quite some time before she is finally able to trust the intentions of people again and we cannot say that we blame her. We wish that she had never gone through what she went through, as it has clearly changed her demeanor, possibly forever.


She’ll be available for an adoption once her wounds have finished healing. And we hope that she finds a family who is willing to provide her with a forever home.

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