Anger Sparked – Dogs Advertised As Unwanted Christmas Presents At Knockdown Prices

We have said it before and we will say it again dogs are not just for Christmas, we have all heard this saying at some point, but it’s true, although these regretful owners didn’t seem to have heard it!

Social media really is a different age indeed, these owners seem to think they will have an easy time to dump these dogs, dangerous as it is, they are trying to offload their unwanted puppies.

We feel so sad for these young puppies and hope that they find loving homes, the UK Newspaper called the Sun discovered something quite outrageous.

There were a really large number of dogs being sold on local selling applications just hours after Christmas!

The animal protection group in the UK sad that the practice was not safe for the animals and for the buyers who took them either.

Applications such as Shpock were used to offload these puppies as fast as possible, some were on sale for over $1,200.

Unfortunately, there is no legal resolution and no law is being broken for the dogs to be sold in this way, but clearly, it’s a condemned practice morally speaking.

Bless, this tiny little pup, being put for sale on Christmas Day.

Another tiny Staffy puppy up for sale on Boxing day!

Debbie wrote on Twitter:

“I’ve just been on Shpock for the first time….for sale is a 2-year-old beautiful Staffy…where will he end up do the owners actually care ?? This just does not feel right….dogs are not disposable….is it time for regulation???”

Sheridan tweeted at Shpock (the online sale cell phone application):

“Ban the sale of animals for goodness sake. Dogs given for free & nobody cares but us where they go. Your allowing this. How do you sleep at night? It’s vile ???? Shpock sort it out”.

Jo said:

“Just looking on Shpock for sale site. I can’t believe how many people are trying to sell their dogs! Poor things….”

Poor 14-week-old puppy was put for sale on Boxing day!

Yet another, a Jack Russell for sale on Boxing Day.

A Siberian Husky for sale on Boxing Day too.

The dog owners have many different reasons for not being able to look after a dog, with one guy saying that his dog was too bouncy for his small children and scared his partner!

Others had said that the owners of their rented places said that pets are not allowed in their homes.

A tiny one-year-old puppy was for sale, with comments about having too much work to look after her.

Some of the sellers absolutely gave no reason at all for selling the pups!

The Dogs Trust said:

“Our slogan ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ has never been more relevant as puppies continue to find themselves on gift lists.”

“When dogs are bought on a whim they can often end up in the care of rehoming centers like ours.”

“By the end of January last year we received 5,000 calls from people wanting to give up their dogs.”

An RSPCA said:

“Unfortunately, the RSPCA and other charities see the impact all too often of people who have bought pets without properly researching the commitment involved with caring for them first.”

“Tragically, many are carelessly abandoned instead, while others are advertised online and on social media with owners offering them ‘free to a good home’ or trying to cash in on their pet’s worth.”

“We would always urge people to do their research before taking on a pet but if they find themselves in the position that they can no longer care for them, they should be very careful to take steps to ensure they are going to a safe and happy home.”

We hope that this story will spark enough interest and be shared so wide and far that this kind of immoral selling of dogs!

What do you think ?