Beautiful ‘Angel’ on the list to be destroyed at busy animal control agency

A beautiful four-year-old dog named “Angel,” is desperately in need of help. Angel is being held at a busy animal control agency in Brooklyn, New York, and she is on the “list to be destroyed”.

She arrived to the animal control agency on January 14, when her owner surrendered her because of a move to a home where she was not allowed.

Angel previously lived with children and she is described as good with other female dogs – according to volunteers, she is friendly and appears to be “very house-broken.” Angel is already spayed and she walks well on a leash. Though Angel has a list of strong attributes, she is out of time.

Please help network this deserving dog’s information – she needs the help of strangers to make it out of this facility alive. Petharbor link here. Animal Care and Control of New York City – Brooklyn/Ask for information about animal ID number: A1101525

If you are local to the Tri-State, New England, and the general Northeast United States area, and you are SERIOUS about adopting or fostering one of the animals at NYC ACC, please read our MUST READ section for instructions, or email [email protected] Our experienced volunteers will do their best to guide you through the process.

More about Angel:

01/14/17 13:26 Angel is a 6 year old Female , American pit-bull, She came to the previous owner’s home as a gift from a friend .

The owner had Angel for since she was a puppy. She is being surrendered today because the owners are moving and the landlord does not allow pets in the home. Angel has no known health issues or injures, and has not recently been seen by the vet. Socialization: Around strangers Angel is very friendly and playful as she pulls on the leash to try and greet the individual.

She has lived with children, of ages 2-13. Around the children she very energetic but she plays gentle. Angel has been around other dogs when a family member brings their dogs to the home. Around female dogs Angel is very playful and friendly with the females; often chase each other around, however around male dogs she feels uneasy; when they try to sniff her she will growl or even snap at times


During Storms or fireworks, Angel isn’t bother and is usually calm. If an individual tries to put their hand in or attempt to touch Angel’s food or bowl she isn’t bothered and allows it to be removed. When someone tempts to take way a treat or a toy Angel isn’t bothered.

During bathing and brushing Angel is slightly tense but will allow individual to wash and brush her. When an unfamiliar person or family member comes to the house Angel will try to greet the individual at the door and engage in play.

For a new family:

Angel was described as playful, affectionate, and friendly by previous family. She has a very high activity level and often enjoys playing tug-a- war with a rope. If she is giving a stuffed animal she tends to destroy it. While someone is home she tends to stay on her bed. Angel is feed dry Pedigree vegetables/ beef 1-2 times a day; and he is house trained and will have accidents inside the house if she isn’t taken out in time.

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She is kept both indoors and outdoors. While she’s inside she uses the wee-wee pads, outside she uses bathroom twice a day in the grass. When she is left alone in the yard she mostly plays with her toys and rolls around in the yard. Angel has never been crate trained, and while on leash she pulls hard.

She knows commands like sit, and stay for exercise she plays in the yard. She is only taking off- leash in the yard and park she will run around but if you call her name she will come back to owner’s side. Upon intake Angel was excitable during intake. She allowed all handling. more

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