Angel: A dog’s cries for help were never answered


Angel was the name given to a beautiful purebred Akita discovered dying in her backyard at an Irvington, New Jersey residence on Wednesday evening.

When a call came into the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter, an officer from the Newark facility was immediately dispatched. He was met by the person who cared enough to call about the suffering Akita dog.

And this dog’s story is heartbreaking. As the officer was led to the part of the yard where Angel was found lying all huddled up behind some debris; the emaciated Akita had burrowed herself into a pile of leaves trying to stay warm.

A small room was attached to the residence where she could go if she wanted to be indoors; but it was covered in feces and garbage; no place for any dog to rest or find shelter.

The officer gently lifted Angel “out of the nightmare that she had been living in and brought her to the safety of a warm van.”; She was immediately transported to a veterinary hospital in Fairfield; where it was hoped her life could be saved.

Tragically, that was not to be. Although veterinarians had been alerted to the pup’s arrival and tried to do everything they could to stabilize her; the cruelty and neglect resulted in her vital organs shutting down. She was made comfortable, content and loved; a few hours later Angel died.

angel akita

We wonder how this can happen or how can anyone just stand around and do nothing while watching any animal suffer?

The Good Samaritan who called the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter told the officers she had repeatedly called the city’s animal control officers with her concerns about the dog, but apparently nothing was ever done for Angel.

angel akita

It is a tragedy that Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter tells us that stories so similar to Angel’s are all too familiar.

“You cannot imagine how often animals died cold, hungry and alone, but so many times, our staff tries so hard to at least show them care and love that they likely had never experienced. These sad stories are not something that you get used to, and the faces of these animals are not faces that you soon forget,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

We all must be the voices for those who cannot speak. When you suspect animal cruelty or neglect, don’t turn your head. Keep making those calls, reach out to social media and help the next “Angel” survive her nightmare and find a loving and responsible human to call her own.

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There has been no information posted as to her owners and a subsequent investigation of animal cruelty. Rest in peace sweet girl. We hope you find some justice.


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