Dog Shot In The Street And Left To Die, Then A Corporal Hears Cries

Who shoots an innocent little puppy? Well, we would like to think that no one in the world would, but sadly there is at least one person that took the shot… Why we hear you say….

The poor puppy was left crying in the street, whimpering and really frozen on such a cold night, but who could do such a thing.

The deputies are asking questions and searching for the person responsible, who could have done such a terrible thing.

The shooter is now on the run, this person who inflicted such suffering in a little puppy was described as – “evil to the core” and we agree!

It was a hero that was on his way home from work, he stopped to help, with a genuine heart and he saved the day.

Master Corporal Helmer, on his way home, driving after he finished his shift at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, he was in just exactly the right place and in the right time, it was fate some might say!

He heard the puppy crying out for help, he saw her in the road and felt his heart sink as he did, the poor innocent puppy in distress, scared and all by herself.

She really needed his help, the sadness in her eyes called out to him even more than her audible cries did, a bullet hole through her, poor girl.

He knew that he had to be really fast to stand a chance of saving her, he carefully scooped her up, she knew he was there to help and trusted him and his actions.

In those moments he thought of a name for the lovely girl, Cupcake because she was so much of a “sweetie” he said, “and so cuddly”...

The Corporal took her, Cupcake, into his car and as fast as he could to a veterinary hospital, Cupcake will receive critical care treatment at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center, what a lucky result after such an unfortunate and terrible thing happened to her.

He shared the story of what happened on Facebook, and the messages of hope, prayers, and positivity streamed in!

Was it not for the Corporal’s actions she would not have even stood a chance of surviving the gunshot.

As it happens Dr. Ushi and her colleagues really know quite a lot about treating trauma cases, which is a pretty good job for Cupcake!

Time is the most crucial component, says Dr. Ushi, when faced with a life-or-death trauma case. She also said that it really is all about the timing:

She said:

“You have to work quickly because they can come in stable and crash later on”

Cupcakes treatment and surgery have saved this pup from a terrible fate, and all thanks to the Corporal moving so fast.

Now the big search continues on for the person who did this to such an innocent animal, so cruel, shooting her back leg the way they did, leaving her to die.

If you or anyone knows some further information then please contact authorities to report what you know. Maybe this story can also help to find the criùminal responsible.

Be sure to watch the full story in the video below:

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