Amazing Group Of Humans Save A Pregnant Dog From Being Put To Sleep !!!

Pregnant Dog True Story: Jazmine always did her best to be a good dog, but it never seemed like anyone would ever give her a chance to prove herself to the world.

As a stray, she did everything she could to stay alive. The streets were hard to live on and full of danger. If it wasn’t an abusive human trying to kick you or hurt you, there was always the possibility of being hit by a car. Jazmine might have been all alone, but she was smart enough to stay one step ahead of anything that tried to bring harm to her.

As a stray, she had little chance of living a good life. She was fearful of humans and only saw them as bad guys, and when she realized she was pregnant, she knew things would only get harder. As her body began to slow down due to the babies she was carrying inside her, something horrible finally came her way.

Four dogs viciously attacked her, and while we’ll never know why, her broken body was found by someone who took her to the pound. Jazmine had finally been caught and her luck seemed to have run out. As she was put on the list to be euthanized, she had no way of letting the humans know that they would be killing her along with her unborn babies!

Thankfully, at the last possible moment, H.O.M.E  “Heaven On My Earth Animal Rescue” swooped in and saved Jazmine from being put to sleep. H.O.M.E is a nonprofit, no kill rescue that takes in strays and unwanted dogs of all sorts. They save dogs who deserve a second chance and they do their best to prepare these dogs to find a forever home filled with love and happiness.

Thankfully, little Jazmine and her puppies were saved, and eventually they’ll all find a home filled with love and respect!

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