The Amazing Dog Who Saves His Owner’s Life Hundreds of times!

All doggies are special but some doggies are really even more special than others in the particular qualities they have. This incredible dog in this story is no exception and saved her owner’s life many hundreds of times!

Chris Gardner had collapsed, he is 34 years old right now, at the time he was 22 and it was a complete surprise when it happened to him, in fact, it was completely life changing!

He sought advice from medical professionals who told him that he was type 1 diabetic, quite a late diagnosis for something that more commonly happens to people at a younger age.

His condition was difficult to manage and he’s had more ambulance calls and A&E visits then he could possibly remember, and all because his condition makes his blood glucose levels go dangerously low or high!

High blood sugar levels can damage vital organs, but dangerously low blood sugar levels can cause problems with brain function!

amazing dog

In his case, diabetes has caused him to develop other serious health conditions too, it affects his heart and nervous system too.

For Chris things actually got that bad that he was trying to find out if he could have a pancreas transplant, but hos diabetes is so severe and this is just not possible…

He feels completely deprived of his independence and unable to play with his son Jayden, who is 6 years old, he felt like he was alive but not living, just existing from day-to-day.

About three years ago Chris had been introduced to a dog, it was a golden retriever, and she was called Jade, from the charity Medical detection Dogs.

Jade is able to tell if he is about to have a hypo and is able to alert him to this and then prevent him from having a dangerously low blood glucose situation come without him being aware of it.

When the dog detects than his blood glucose levels are getting too low, she puts a paw on him if he is sitting, and if he is standing she will jump at him!

This simple but very effective communication from the dog alerts him to take action before he gets sick, it could literally be a lifesaver!

Over a three-month period, Jade had warned Chris about times to potentially dangerous blood sugar levels, wow!

amazing dog

The two of them make a really great team and have really bonded together and Jade has really helped Chris get his independence back again!

Chris said:

“Her attachment to me is phenomenal, she is always by my side. She sleeps beside my bed and even when she is out running free on a walk she prefers to keep by my side.”

For the absolute first time in ten years, Chris is actually looking forward to the future again!

Chris said:

“At the moment I am taking things slowly but steadily as my confidence grows. I still struggle on bad days but most days I try to cram in as much as possible with my wife and son with trips to the beach and museums. I’d like to get back to work …perhaps something in IT where an employer will accept a dog.”

Chris is a made a whole bunch of new friends from the international diabetes community and also he can now share his experiences with all his new online friends too!

Dogs are more than just friends and companions they are also life savers and incredibly sensitive to us and our needs, with a little training these animals really do save our lives!

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