Adorable Newfoundland Just Invented The Best Game Ever For His Tiny Pal !!!

If you’ve ever had the great privilege of meeting a Newfoundland before, you know that these sweet dogs are enormous, regal, and have very gentle dispositions.

But, as we saw with Sebastian the Newfie when he asked for a belly rub, these noble animals can also beextremely goofy when they want to be. Newfoundland particularly love playing with children and smaller animals.

After all, these gentle giants are also the original “nanny” dog—remember Nana from Peter Pan? They’ll patiently play games for hours with their children, or with smaller dogs, and inspire plenty of loyalty from their beloved pals, as this Chihuahua demonstrated when she saved her big Newfoundland buddy.

In fact, I can’t really think of a better friend for a tiny dog than a big, brave Newfoundland. Not only is he a great protector, he’s one of the only dog breeds around that can pick his smaller friends up in the air to play an epic game of doggy airplane!

At least, that’s how one dynamic duo decided to spend their afternoon, presumably after the big Newfie realized how easy it was to pick up this little terrier puppy by the scruff of his neck, mama dog-style! And the little guy? He’s clearly having a blast!

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