Adorable Dog With Terminal Cancer Crosses Find A Home Off His List.

We all have made lists in life, some more important than others, but this doggie had a very important list, because of his cancer, he really needed a loving home, and he found it…

Smoke, he was called, and he may have only had a few months left to enjoy his life, but now at the very least, he will really have good life and joy in his life…

He can spend his days, his final days, in a forever home, just the way it should be for all doggies, to have love and a good home.

Not that long ago, Smokey, who is 10-years-old and fighting cancer, was living with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia, desperately looking for a home.

The shelter staff believed that Smoke only has just a few weeks left, so they created a bucket list for him, with many dog-friendly experiences for him to have before the end, how lovely and sweet.

Smoke took a trip to the Nationals Park last Thursday, he loved his time there and getting lovely ice cream even.

He visited the Arlington County Police Department too, he had a ride in a police car and munched on a doughnut too. But the best of all, on his list he had …finding a new family!

Sam Wolbert, president, and CEO of the shelter said:

“We’re so happy Smoke found his forever home …He was adopted by a loving family that has experience with senior, rescue animals.”

Smoke’s new family will keep up the bucket list too and keep crossing things off as they do them, they will:

– Have a birthday party
– Take a trip to the beach
– Make him breakfast in bed
– Take a camping trip and…
– Jump into a pile of leaves.

Sam also added:

“Smoke can live out the rest of his life like all dogs should, with a family that loves him”

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