Adorable dog plays the blues when his daddy is away!

Sometimes, you just have to crank out a tune on the old family piano. Even when you’re a dog.

When this pup’s daddy kept receiving noise complaints from neighbors, he installed a “nanny cam,” according to the description for the Facebook video below.

As it turns out, the lonely little ball of fluff at home was tickling the ivories to pass the time while everyone else was away.

A not-so-hidden camera captured the pet playing the piano and howling along.

Why do dogs howl anyway?

Terry Marie Curtis, from the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, tells Slate that dogs could potentially associate howling with an emotion, like melancholy.


But Curtis specifies that dogs who howl because of sadness usually also exhibit other noticeable signs. And this little guy seems mostly okay.

The likelier explanation, as Peter Borchelt, animal behaviorist, told MSNBC, is that dogs’ tendency to howl.

That naturally comes from their wolf-like roots, has something to do with “social synchrony” ; which is basically science-speak for having fun with other people.

So what if the “other people” in this instance are the keys on a piano?

At least the fluffy pup is keeping himself entertained.

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